"Great goals will only be achieved together. Because a good team is stronger than the sum of its members' strengths." - H. Jahn

We are very happy about our new colleague Dr. Christina Leyendecker. In our many years of working together at St. Elisabeth Hospital in Bonn, I got to know and appreciate Dr. Leyendecker’s high level of expertise and her empathetic and thoughtful manner.

From April 2021, she will support us in the practice. We are excited to welcome Dr. Christina Leyendecker to the team.

Dr. Tonja Ameziane

The facts: born in 1968 and raised in Siegen before moving to Bonn where she lives with her husband and three sons.

What she actually wanted to become: After training as an MTA, she discovered her love of medicine at the University Women’s Hospital in Bonn, and even here she already had a special passion for gynecology and obstetrics.

What she eventually became: After studying medicine in Bonn, she worked at various hospitals in gynecology and obstetrics – from large surgical clinics to smaller municipal clinics – also in different places around the world – everything was there. It all started in the University Women’s Clinic in Cologne and lastly she worked in the Elisabeth Hospital in Bonn for 9 years. In the course of further training, she worked as a doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital, New-York and at Themba Hospital in Nelspruit, South Africa.

What makes her work: In ten years of hospital routine, she has seen or experienced many things. Nevertheless, she is not blinded or tired. On the contrary, her good humor in her daily work and her interest in her patients’ stories have always remained genuine and sincere.

Dr. Christina Leyendecker

The facts: Dr. Leyendecker was born in Bonn in 1977, she is married and has two daughters.

What she wanted to become: She came to medicine after graduating from high school while working in an oncology ward. At that time, she decided to become a doctor so that she could be there for people in difficult situations. The diversity of the field of gynecology and obstetrics quickly excited her – even during her studies.

What she eventually became: Her medical studies in Bonn, Münster and Zurich were followed by her residency at St. Elisabeth Hospital in Bonn. There she worked for many years in the areas of prenatal care and obstetrics as well as gynecology. In addition, she completed part of her training in the Department of Prenatal Diagnostics at the University Women’s Hospital in Bonn. In recent years, Dr. Leyendecker worked in a gynecological group practice, where she found great pleasure in the continuous support of patients in various phases and situations of life. In addition, Dr. Leyendecker brings her experience in acupuncture to our practice. She has completed further training in Germany and China and enjoys using acupuncture as a complementary treatment method. Working with young female patients is especially close to Dr. Leyendecker’s heart – probably also because she is the mother of two daughters herself.

What makes her work: In addition to her high medical qualifications, she always focuses on people: “It is important to me to see and accompany the patient as a whole.”

Our very best

Without the two nothing goes here! The two, that is:

Jennifer Grengros and Yasmina Merouani

Both are medical professionals with many years of experience and expertise. They always spread a good mood with humor and always have an open ear for the concerns and needs of our patients.

They continue to support us with great commitment in the organization and are a real asset to our practice.