Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention – why?

Because it is the best therapy. Because it already detects dangerous diseases while they are still easy to treat. Because it relieves fears and creates clarity. Because you can build trust again in your own body. Therefore, it is important for me to make women aware of this issue without arousing unnecessary fears.

Careful precautions do not protect against cancer, but they help to identify it as early as possible. Still the best pre-condition for a permanent cure. And reason enough to have an examination at least twice a year.

The reality:

Unfortunately, many women do not take the opportunity to have regular cancer screening. This means that many cancers are only detected when symptoms present and at this stage the effectiveness of available treatments are often significantly reduced.
We have screening today which is broadly aligned with the age at which different conditions are expected to occur. Of course we help you to examine the breasts for to detect any changes and this is a powerful part of our comprehensive breast cancer prevention strategy.

For women under 30 we are primarily looking for cervical cancers using smear tests whilst ovarian and uterus cancers are detected with ultrasound. For women over 50 we recommend and annual intestinal or rectal examination since the risks of such cancers increases significantly with age.

Also, if you have received cancer treatment I can provide the follow up examinations after consultation with your treatment provider.

Services in brief
  • Comprehensive cancer screening
  • Regular examinations
  • Early detection of cervical cancer
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Surgery screening