schöne schwangere mit tuch und rosa herz

We accompany all patients throughout this very special time, whether simple or precautionary risk pregnancies.

When pregnancy has first been confirmed, many couples become aware of the many uncertainties related to their unborn child. Child planning has never been better than it is today. And they have never been conceived later. Many women are at this time already over 35, have a full working life and have taken this step with all its consequences after due consideration.

And now I’m here for you.

To accompany women through pregnancy means accepting them with all the concerns they bring with them at this time: Anxiety, anticipation and a heap of questions.

In addition we offer medical services with state of the art equipment.

Even women whose pregnancy is accompanied by risks can and should feel professionally taken care of by us. For this reason in every relationship I am committed to making these special months for them as carefree as possible. It should be a good time and if complications arise, we will be there for them.

Right after the first examinations, I will advise you in detail and together we will work out the scope of your personal care. Information and explanations are very close to my heart, because in the end every couple chooses for themselves the examinations they want. I realize these decisions are not always easy to make. That’s why – simply ask me until you feel confident enough.

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