lächelnde seniorin fasst sich an den kopf

Even the name says, menopause (change of life) brings change. And questions. And sometimes also fears – despite all the reports that surround the matter today.

What I really want to be is your contact partner in this phase of your life. And of course to provide medical insight. Often the menopause is also an opportunity for women to think about how they can maintain and improve their health in old age.

Whatever your concern – you feel you are in good hands and have expert advice.

Lifestyle, crisis or new beginning

What I can do for you: It is true that the menopause cannot be prevented but I can certainly help that your symptoms do not govern your life and you still can feel you are a woman. Hormone replacement therapy and homeopathic therapies as well as acupuncture play an important role in this context.

I would be happy to advise you on your individual therapy and dosage. The range of options is large.

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