Family Planning

Baby is just playing on the street

The desire to have a child and see it grow up is deeply rooted in most people. And even if the timing of family planning has now moved far back, sooner or later many couples want to start a family. This decision is often deliberate. Many factors play a role.

If the wish has taken form, the topic of fertility becomes relevant. But at the latest when the desired result is slow in coming.


There are reasons and causes, if it does not work right away, just as there are ways that you can fulfill your desire to have children.


Let’s talk about it. We will help you.

For waiting for the desired offspring can be very stressful. In many cases this phase is accompanied by doubts, fears and even accusations. Come into our practice before the pressure becomes too great. I take time for you and your personal history. It is important for me to create an overall picture before we talk about the causes of infertility and discuss the options open to you. It may also be useful to refer you to specialists in the fertility clinic. First, however, I hope that you feel safe with me in your certainly anything but simple situation.

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