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My job is to find out with you, what you expect in terms of reliability, care, tolerance and effective period. Only then can we recommend in good conscience a method that suits you and your current life circumstances.

Wanted: The all-rounder.

The expectations are high. A contraceptive should be an absolutely must, it should not interfere during lovemaking, if possible have no side effects, provide protection against sexual infections and AIDS, be easy to use and inexpensive. A means that best meets all of these criteria still does not yet exist. It is all the more important to find out your exact needs and to incorporate the current situation in your  decision. The age, type of relationship, health aspects and family planning- all can play a role in the choice of contraceptive.

I will advise you.

If you are looking for a suitable contraceptive, we recommend that you are first clear about which features are most important to you. What should your solution achieve? What aspects are less important? You can discuss this along with your partner or together with me. For me it is particularly important to provide you with comprehensive information. The more you know about the potential contraceptive, the better you can decide which one suits you best.

I am happy to advise you along with your partner.

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