Cancer Prevention


Cancer prevention – why?

Because it is the best therapy. Because it already detects dangerous diseases while they are still easy to treat. Because it relieves fears and creates clarity. Because you can build trust again in your own body. Therefore, it is important for me to make women aware of this issue without arousing unnecessary fears.

Careful precautions do not protect against cancer, but they help to identify it as early as possible. Still the best pre-condition for a permanent cure. And reason enough to have an examination at least twice a year.

The reality:

Unfortunately, many women miss the chance of a regular check-up. The examinations different in focus depending on the age group: In women up to 30 special attention is paid to cancer screening in the genital area. Specifically, this concerns the early detection of cervical cancer using the smear test. In addition, uterus and ovaries are thoroughly examined and scanned more closely through ultrasound. The examination of the breasts for any change is part of comprehensive prevention. For women over 50, we also recommend an annual intestinal or rectal examination because from this age, the risk of such a disease increases significantly.

If you come to me following cancer treatment come, I will conduct the follow-up examinations in accordance with the guidelines carefully and in close consultation with the clinic where you are receiving treatment.

First, the onus is on you: We recommend that you examine your breasts at least once a month, preferably after the menstrual period. Even if you cannot assess the specific structures of the tissue, you know your body best and are the first to notice any changes.

For questions or uncertainties I’m here to help you at any time.

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